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TechLatte: Cheryl Marquez – Page 2 – Digital Marketing Can Be Hard, It Doesn't Need to Be

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Twitter is My Book Club

Once upon a time, I had dreams of joining a book club. I wanted to meet at a locally owned coffee shop to drink fancy pants coffee, dissect the motivations...

Changing Focus: Learn by Doing

Follow my blog with Bloglovin As a digital marketing consultant, my favorite thing to do is talk about technology to enable websites, social media and content marketing. It seems entrepreneurs...

How to Stay Connected While Traveling Abroad

As a recent Verizon wireless customer, I get sticker shock every time the bill arrives. My phone bill used to be between $45 – $50 per line on Virgin Mobile...

Learn How to Do SEO from Rand Fishkin

I went to my first Hackers + Founders event hosted by Microsoft to learn about how to do SEO from Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz. As the co-founder of a startup,...

4 Minute Paleo Chicken & Kale Sauté

Eating good doesn’t need hours in the kitchen, here’s a 4 minute chicken and kale sauté. During meal prep, I shredded a rotisserie chicken, chopped tomatoes and other veggies and...

paleo mocha

Paleo Mocha

Good morning! I made a creamy paleo mocha to go with breakfast. It was inspired by the Cafe Mole at the Java Bean Cafe in west Seattle. Once I’ve perfected...

Losing Weight the Easy Way

Selfie 949 calories burned – leg/booty + stairs 135 of the 949 above was from cardio, the rest from weights GREEN JUICE RECIPE: coenzyme q10, scoop of super greens+, 1...

Naked Shrimp Tacos

Mark’s kids were craving shrimp tacos so we headed to the store to grab what we needed to make them. As much as I love shrimp tacos, I was thinking...

Geek Girl without a Computer

After my love and I moved in together in 2012, our house was robbed. In the time we were out to dinner, the burglars broke into our home, stole my...