After my love and I moved in together in 2012, our house was robbed. In the time we were out to dinner, the burglars broke into our home, stole my laptops, our tablets, the Wii, games, jewelry and cash. We opted not to replace these items and since I’m taking time off from work, I don’t have a work laptop at my disposal.

Instead, I chose to challenge myself to see if I really needed a computer or if I can use my iPad for everything including phone calls and texting. I’m writing this blog post in Evernote and will copy the text into the WordPress app to update my blog. What makes this process a challenge in WordPress is adding plugins or pages with introductions for each topic since it’s harder to make these changes on a small touchscreen. I’m currently typing this on a Sharkk keyboard case but will be selling the case to buy the Apple wireless keyboard.

In addition to writing for my blog, I also wanted to learn JavaScript and CSS. I am learning on Codecademy and Code School so it’s web based at the moment. Eventually, I’m going to need to get tools to upload the files onto my server to test personal projects. Comment any suggestions for iOS apps for this purpose.

Here’s what I’m currently using:

  • Evernote – to write blog posts, clip/organize articles
  • Food – this is an Evernote app I use to write step by step recipes with pictures
    Wordpress – copy and publish Evernote blog posts
  • Skype – I pay $18 every 3 months for a subscription to call any phone
  • GV Connect – to receive phone calls and send text messages using my Google Voice number. I’ve used Google Voice to forward phone calls to any phone (home, work, iPad, smartphone) simultaneously or on a schedule for the last few years. Anyone who needs to reach me needs only one number although, my love will point out that I never answer the phone so if you need a response, it’s best to text.
  • Chrome – I use Chrome over Safari because it has an option to request desktop websites which I need to access advanced features for WordPress or Dreamhost.

I’ve recently reorganized my blog to include sections on my hustle (work or marketing-related posts), fitness, recipes and musings (random stuff). I’ve been inspired to post the journey to get to a healthier weight and we know how hard this is when you are surrounded by lots of yummy carbs. I will be posting what I make for the family and how I’m adapting these to make it healthier. I cook with full fats like butter, olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil which is in line with the paleo diet even if not all the things I make are paleo.

Check back soon for the latest apps I’ve downloaded and to see my progress!20130816-094834.jpg