Job searching is a full-time job, I had to go to the office today to take a break! First, I search for a job, look for which resume to send (product management or marketing), craft memorable sometimes witty cover letter. Then repeat process. Initially, I was keeping a spreadsheet of who I contacted, the date, the email address of the recruiter or hiring manager, salary range, and any other notes. This didn’t last long because after writing several cover letters, I was exhausted and forgot about my spreadsheet.

I have a new tactic, search Twitter for jobs, look on Mashable for new ideas and technology, see if any of those companies are hiring.

Plus follow up and follow through with friends and colleagues who have mentioned an opportunity to me. Here are my pros/cons and action list of what to do after finding out you are part of the workforce optimization (layoff) program.

  • Free to explore the next big thing
  • Time to think about what I want to learn
  • Freedom to check out other companies
  • Time to chill out and have the government pay for my vac…maybe not this one, the gov isn’t paying enough


  • Liked the team I was on and the people I worked with a lot – this is probably a pro if I wasn’t leaving
  • Liked the job content and the frenetic pace
  • Not having income
Here’s a list of things I needed to do in order to score the next big gig. I like lists, they make me happy. Feel free to borrow or use these ideas in your big job hunt, use your own URLs cause we don’t want you to post my links and then I will get the job of YOUR dreams.
  1. Find and update resume
  2. Schedule meetings with hiring managers within HP
  3. Schedule live editing review of my resume with colleagues (great idea Brian!)
  4. Sign up for Women 2.0’s Startup Weekend in San Francisco 
  5. Search Plaxo, Linkedin, and cool companies for opportunities which sound fun and exciting
  6. Edit online presence
  7. Add content to Linkedin:
  8. Create Twitter account: to tweet during Startup Weekend
  9. Create Youtube account to create video blogs about job hunt, life, love, and other adventures
  10. Brainstorm and visualize the ideal solution