I went to my first Hackers + Founders event hosted by Microsoft to learn about how to do SEO from Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz. As the co-founder of a startup, you have to take advantages of opportunities to learn low-cost or free ways to gain traction. In regular English, that means getting more users to use your product or buy your product from you. I’ve embedded a compilation of my tweets during the SEO talk using Storify.

Hackers + Founders attendees on the mailing list will get to use SEOmoz for free for 60 days…free fits in our startup budget! It’s always nice to be able to try out tools before shelling out a ton of cash for them. For a bootstrapped startup, cash is king. I’m hoping to measure marketing efforts for Hand Things Down.

Here are the highlights of what he covered in the talk:

  • Inbound vs Interruption Marketing
  • Use Social Media and Email Marketing to complement each other
  • 10 SEO Tactics to Gain Traction for your Startup

View the slidedeck on SEO for Startups.