The last couple weeks have been BA-nanas (with Rachel Zoe inflection). In case you’re wondering who she is, she’s a personal stylist with a reality show. I seriously need a stylist. Most days I dress like a boy; in wifebeaters and jeans except with makeup. This is probably weird, I don’t feel productive until I have makeup on my face even if I’m just sitting in front of the computer all day. I like to think that the makeup hides my red eyes from screen fatigue.

So yes, back to the last couple of weeks being crazy. I’ve been working until 4 or 5 am most nights because in between working during the day and consulting, there are the kid errands and events. My body likes to remind me that I need sleep when I can barely keep my eyes open or when I can’t wake up to save my life. Last week, I had early meetings on Monday and Wednesday, with Wednesday ending a with dinner meeting. Two alarm clocks and lots of coffee kept me alert and productive for both meetings.

Good news is the month is starting to wrap-up and the workshop I ran for Social Media Club Phoenix on How to Develop Your Persona and Brand was well-attended. We didn’t announce that people would need to break into groups because we didn’t want to scare them away. In hindsight, we probably should have mentioned the group work. It was a good learning experience to try a format other than a panel discussion and at least everyone was talking to each other. There was also too much content to cover with the worksheets in the time allotted for the group exercise, I have content for at least a 2 hour workshop for online personas. I’ll create separate post with the worksheets attached on How to Develop your Online Persona or Brand.

On the technical front, I’m super-excited my co-founder got the Hand Things Down app approved in iTunes. It is available by invitation only (10 invites with the code “bananas”). This has been a milestone I’ve been looking forward to since we graduated from Founder’s Institute at the end of March. The trouble with reaching milestones in a startup is once you get there, the journey towards another milestone immediately begins.

I finished updating our landing pages to include the upcoming Android app. They are connected to our email campaign software and I’m creating rules to auto-respond based on whether or not someone has an invitation code or if they’ve been invited to Hand Things Down by a friend who is currently using the app.

I sometimes feel like my head might explode with all the things I’ve learned in the last few months. Blending social media with landing page optimization and an email campaign to run a beta has taken some of what I’ve done before and mashed them all together. I’m hoping some of the work in the last couple of weeks will make it easier for us to get the app in to our consumers when it goes public.

This coming Friday, I am hosting a networking event for women entrepreneurs for Women 2.0 and I was up all night to get some of those invites out. I’m nervous about attendance, event planners make everything look so easy!

Alright, it’s about 4:30 am so I need to go to sleep. I have a pile of legal docs I need to read through and send to the lawyers. I will need to work away from the home office, since the kids are on summer vacation and I need every ounce of focus to read legal agreements.