Once upon a time, I had dreams of joining a book club. I wanted to meet at a locally owned coffee shop to drink fancy pants coffee, dissect the motivations of characters or uncover the themes hidden in the book. Then life happened and I couldn’t commit to reading the right chapter each week or prepare my thoughts for the book club questions because it felt like homework and seemed overwhelming and I quit before joining. As an introverted bookworm, I continued to read books and hoped to follow along online but that wasn’t a thing until I realized I could use social media.

Being obsessed with Twitter and every other social media platform, I decided to Buffer the quotes I was reading while using a hashtag for each book quote I posted. I started doing this while reading #Girlboss by Sophia Amoroso, founder of Nasty Gal, the new and vintage online boutique. Having a hashtag as the title of the book, made it a natural for me to tweet quotes which inspired my inner entrepreneur. What I didn’t foresee was the conversations it would ignite on Twitter or Linkedin about startups, being entrepreneurial or branding.

If you are reading a business book, it could help you connect with people to discuss ideas. If you are reading fiction it could help you connect to other fans. While it might be taboo to discuss the 50 Shades of Grey series on Twitter, you can search for private Facebook groups to discuss the book and your favorite redroom activities. Whatever your interests, searching for a book’s hashtag or keywords on your social networks will help you find conversations where you can participate on your on time, without the pressure of an in person book club.

Book/Idea Discussion
Be creative, post a meme with your favorite quote and a question for discussion as the caption on Instagram. You can record a video talking about the book on Snapchat, YouTube or Periscope. You post quotes with the hashtag from the book on Twitter. You can search Facebook for groups discussing the book you are reading.

Where do you have book 📚 discussions? Leave it in the comments along with book recommendations.