When the #CaliBoss says he’s not living up to his potential, where does that leave the rest of us normal peeps? I was on the phone with him for the better part of an hour last night. That itself is a feat since I normally cringe at the sound of the telephone and nearly die if I have to talk longer than 5 minutes for a non-business call.

During this conversation, he says to me he’s about to make some major changes in his life. I asked why because he has his own business, his own place, drives a fancy car and is generous with his friends and family. From all outward appearances he’s got everything. He admitted he was tired of being irresponsible and sabotaging himself. I thought, if that’s what he can accomplish while he’s half-assing it, he’s going to be unstoppable when he’s focused.

He would work hard building the business make a bunch of cash, then would throw away all his hard work through partying and neglect. The latter part was really hard to live through. He said, he was slipping back into the old pattern drinking, taking a day off work to recover, then he wouldn’t know what was going on with the business. He also said he recently met a trainer to help him get his fitness back on track since he’s been neglecting that too.

We used to be a team, he pushed me beyond my comfort zone and taught me the value of the “endless hustle”. You have be there to grab opportunities people want to give you and you have to deliver. I used to complain about this and he would tell me I was smart and I had to go for it even if I was scared. These lessons have been internalized over the years and now a part of me.

The Plan

  • Replace negativity with a positive mindset, people and activities that support new goals.
  • Move to a new place to shed some of the old energy
  • Ignore distractions, these are the things that detract from your goals
  • It’s hard to say goodbye to the super-fun, party lifestyle…yet everyone has to grow up sometime. Do you have changes you want to make in your life?